Curation Policy for PyrrhicPress.Org

Last Updated: 03.23.2024

1. Selection Criteria:

  • Content must align with the mission and values of and the Professionals in Business Journal, focusing on providing insightful and informative resources for professionals in various industries.
  • Preference will be given to original, well-researched, and thought-provoking content that offers unique perspectives or addresses current trends and issues in the business world.
  • Content should demonstrate relevance, accuracy, and professionalism, catering to the interests and needs of our target audience.

2. Ethical Guidelines:

  • We are committed to upholding high ethical standards in content curation, ensuring honesty, integrity, and transparency in our practices.
  • Plagiarism and copyright infringement will not be tolerated. Only content that is properly attributed and does not violate intellectual property rights will be considered for inclusion.
  • We will handle sensitive or controversial topics with care and respect, striving to present diverse viewpoints in a balanced and objective manner.

3. Quality Standards:

  • Content must meet stringent quality criteria, including accuracy, reliability, credibility, and coherence.
  • We will prioritize content that is well-written, engaging, and professionally presented, free from grammatical errors and typos.
  • Peer-reviewed research articles and contributions from reputable experts in the field will be given special consideration.

4. Audience Considerations:

  • We will strive to understand the preferences, interests, and needs of our audience, selecting content that resonates with their professional aspirations and challenges.
  • Content should be accessible and relevant to professionals across different industries and career stages, catering to a diverse audience.

5. Content Presentation:

  • Content will be organized and presented in a clear, user-friendly manner, with intuitive navigation and visually appealing design.
  • We will ensure that content is optimized for readability and accessibility, including proper formatting, use of multimedia, and adherence to web accessibility standards.

6. Updating and Maintenance:

  • We are committed to regularly reviewing and updating curated content to ensure its accuracy, relevance, and timeliness.
  • Outdated or obsolete content will be removed or archived, and new content will be added to keep our offerings fresh and engaging.

7. Collaboration and Attribution:

  • We encourage collaboration with content creators, experts, and thought leaders, fostering partnerships that enrich our curated content offerings.
  • Proper attribution and credit will be given to content creators, authors, and sources, in accordance with best practices and copyright laws.

This curation policy serves as a guideline for the selection, presentation, and maintenance of content on and the Professionals in Business Journal, ensuring that we provide valuable and high-quality resources for our audience of professionals in the business world.