Achieving Work/Life Balance

Published on 14 January 2024 at 19:54

The various responsibilities that employees have as parents, partners, and staffs come with them different responsibilities, that require to be reconciled. Balancing work, family and lifestyle loyalties is usually hard and a time the different demands can be overpowering and incompatible. This can have effects on workplaces like employees: being less productive, are more stressed, are absent more regularly, or for longer, have lower levels of morale, disguise the real reasons for their absence, and there is highly likelihood of them leaving a workplace unsupportive of work life balance problems.

Assisting people and families obtaining a balance between their work, family and lifestyle commitments, can offer benefits to both employees and employers. Employees will benefit through: reduced stress levels, control over time management in meeting work-life commitments, autonomy to make decisions concerning work-life balance, and increased focus, motivation and job satisfaction as the family and work commitments are being satisfied. Employers benefit include: reduced absenteeism, reduce sick leave, reduced staff turnover rates, becoming an employer of choice, and improved morale or satisfaction (Queensland Government, 2010).

To improve my balance, I have avoided carrying my phone to classroom. This helps a lot in my balance, because am able to keep from my leisure from my classroom work. Keeping off the phone from class work, am not able to browse internet, may be to check on updates from my friends. However, having this smart phone has also worsened my life, as after class leisure is the next task in my schedule, spending more hours than necessary, and the following day I am not able to maintain attentiveness to all classrooms until evening.

 Technology is advancing every day, and companies are trying to keep updated with the technology to stay competitive in the market. I believe after graduation the balancing of personal life and other obligations, like being employed, will get more difficult attaining the balance. This is because, there will more advanced technology, which I will have to be in touch with, to keep myself marketable in the job market. Hence, leads to lack of enough time for my personal life.

Psychologists explore concepts like perception, attention, motivation, brain functionality, behavior and personality. This field requires lot of attentiveness, to be able to understand human issues. Failure of taking of myself, can lead to ethical consequences like solving the issues inappropriately, or situation spilling out of control (Smith, 2003, January 1).



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