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Lorraine Ann Pirro

She was not only a phenomenal mother but also a dedicated teacher, whose passion for education extended far beyond her lifetime. Her love for education was evident in her unwavering commitment to nurturing young minds and fostering a love for learning in her students. Throughout her career, she dedicated herself to creating innovative and impactful teaching methods, inspiring countless students to reach their full potential.

Beyond her role as an educator, Lorraine Ann Pirro's legacy of giving transcended her life. She believed deeply in the power of education to transform lives and communities, and she sought to ensure that this transformative power was accessible to all. In her honor, we have established the Lorraine Ann Pirro Public School Endowment (LAPPSE) Memorial Fund as a lasting testament to her enduring commitment to education.

Through this fund, Lorraine Ann Pirro continues to make a difference in the lives of students and educators alike, providing support and resources to enhance educational opportunities and enrich learning experiences. Her legacy of giving beyond life serves as an inspiration to others, reminding us of the profound impact that one individual's dedication and generosity can have on the future of education and the lives of those touched by it.

LAAPSE will accept nominations throughout the year and will choose a nominee that shares the same zest and passion for education in math, reading, and science as Ms. Lorraine Ann Pirro, annually on June 3rd, as a celebration of her life.

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